Blade types

HS Series


HS series dispersion blade is our standard blade for most mixing and dispersing applications. This blade can be used in the manufacturing of adhesives, clay slurries, ink, paint, paper coatings and numerous other products. With our efficient, proven design, the HS series will help you “mix quickly.”

HSX Series


The Quickblades HSX series, Turbo blade is similar to the HS series but has serrated teeth that will help with heavier grinds. The serrated teeth have more cutting surfaces to help speed up the dispersion process of high solids batches. With the same proven design as the HS series blade, the Turbo blade with serrated teeth will help reduce your grind time.

PMP Series


Quickblades PMP series impellers are designed primarily for blending, mixing and general agitation. The PMP series blade is designed similar to a fan blade so that your batch is pumped throughout the tank with minimal shear. If you are looking for general agitation or blending of liquids, the PMP is the right choice.

PS Series


The Quickblades PS series, (Poly Series Impeller) lasts longer than standard stainless-steel impellers. It is most applicable to abrasive applications such as water-based and titanium dioxide dispersions. Since the blade edges are symmetrical, the impeller can be turned over, further extending life without degradation of process performance. Its specially-formulated material is impervious to most solvents, conducts electricity to eliminate the possibility of static sparks, and is rated for continuous operation at up to 145 Deg. F.

HSXP Series


The Quickblades HSXP series, Turbo Pump blade has the same serrated teeth as the HSX series and also includes alternating fins in the center of the impeller to help pump the material through the blade. With a combination of the serrated teeth and the pumping fins, your batch will have the best of both worlds, high dispersion and high pumping action from one blade. If you have problems pulling powders down into the vortex, the HSXP series blade is the right choice for you.

Blade information and order form

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